14 Dec 2013

Kubrat Pulev proved his worth and managed to win his 19th victory as a professional, registering his 10th knockout. The Cobra was victorious over Joey Abel with a technical knockout in the 4th round. That way the Bulgarian protected his intercontinental title from IBF as well as his status of a number 1 contender for Vladimir Klitschko’s title.

The Cobra destroyed the American with punches in the body which sent him 4 times in a knockdown in the 4th round. After that the judges didn’t let Abel fight any more. Joey Abel was rushed after injury while fighting Sherman Williams from the Bahamas. It was planned for Kubrat to fight with the Tank but after his denial Sauerland quickly invited the American.

In the third round Joey Abel was sent into a knockdown for the first time after being hit hard in the body. Only the gong saved the American keeping the Cobra from finishing his opponent. The 4th round started out excitingly when Pulev got a knockdown for the first time in his career. The Bulgarian made it clear to the referee that he was simply tripping but that didn’t make him change his decision. That made The Cobra mad so by the end of the round Abel was sent four times at a knockdown by hitting him in the body. After the end of the round the judges ruled that Able was not able to continue fighting.