Kubrat Pulev landed at home for a short but well-deserved rest. On Saturday in Hamburg he achieved the fastest victory in his professional career – a huge knockout for just 108 seconds over Maurice Harris (USA).


“I respect every opponent. This is boxing, one punch can decide everything. Knockout is a matter of luck. After nine months out of the ring for me it was important to feel well prepared and to get routine and it comes with matches, ” said the Bulgarian.

At the airport he gave dozens of autographs, didn’t say “no” to any request for a photo and jammed with a group of actors, led by Maria Sapundjieva. The actors were just returing from Moscow and use the moment to salute Bulgarian Cobra for his lightning success over Maurice Harris.

“I worked on this uppercut before the bout, in the locker room. So I used it exactly to reject Harris. With Uli Wegner we work on small details that have to be cleared – in defence and the play on the distance,” revealed Cobra.
On the occasion of dethroning Wladimir Klitschko, Kubrat said: “Klitschko lost quite naturally. I’m not sure that there will be revenge. Once upon a time all rematches was taking his brother (Vitali Klitschko).”

Asked against whom it would be more difficult to fight for the world title – Tyson Fury or Wladimir Klitschko, Pulev said: “Both are tough rivals. When the time comes, we’ll talk again. In heavyweight division now is more interesting than ever. I do not hurry. My goal is by the end of 2016 to play for any of the titles.”

A pure patriot like him dreams for a big fight at home in the future: “I would like to fight at home in a big bout. For European, or World title. And against a rival who has not been beaten before.”


The program in Bulgaria for Kubrat Pulev remains intense, because this Sunday (13th December) with his brother Tervel – bronze medalist at the London Olympics 2012, they plan officially to open their brand new boxing academy in Sofia.