The russian wished to Kubrat to win the european title again. On the Bulgarian National Day, Pulev brothers met with Nikolay Valuev. The 213 meter Russian, who is a a representative of the ruling party, visited the Pulev brothers in their hall in Sofia.

It’s a honor and pleasure for us to meet big champion and friend such as Nikolay Valuev, at sport center “Pulev”.
The fact that he is our guest in the day Bulgaria celebrate her liberation, makes his visit even more remarkable”. Kubrat Pulev saied.
“Today is a big day for Bulgaria”. It is good that we can celebrate it with an athlete who has always deserved respect and has been a good role model. In our center there are children who need this kind of role model like him”.

“I am glad to be a guest of the Pulev brothers. They are great boys and outstanding athletes. I’m sure it’s not far away the day that their future champion will come out of their training school. To Kubrat i wish: on 7th May in Hamburg to defeat Chisora and to win the european title again”. Vaulev saied who is famous with the nickname “The Beast from the east”.