Kubrat Pulev (23-1) is the new European champion in Heavyweight Division. Despite one ridiculous scorecard from the Swiss referee Beat Hausmmann, The Cobra scored an easy victory over Dereck “Chisora in Hamburg.

In front of more than 8000 spectators at the stands of “Barclaycard arena” Pulev earned the vacant EBU Title for the second time in his career. The first time was on May 5th 2012, when one of the best and most likeable athletes in Bulgarian sports history smashed Ukrainian born Aleksander Dimitrenko by knockout in Round 11.

Thanks to Hausamman’s card, in Hamburg Pulev had to settle for a split-decision victory when it should have been unanimous. Officially, Hausammann’s card was 115-113 in favor of Chisora, and the two judges who actually saw the fight scored it 116-112 and 118-110 for Pulev.
Pulev’s jab controlled the entire fight, and Chisora’s face showed the effects of it. His right eye was badly swollen, and it appeared he could only see out of the left by the end of the bout. By Round 6, Chisora was thoroughly frustrated by Pulev’s long jab and right hands. The punches had been finding their mark throughout the fight. That method of attack kept the smaller Chisora at bay and stifled the 32-year-old Brit’s attempts to close the distance.

Pulev, who struggled with a flu and fever days before the fight, was highly motivated to bring back at the top of the continent. Supported by 4000 emotional Bulgarians at the stands, Kubrat won thanks to his huge discipline and an iron tactics, with the total absence of any kind of risk. After the final gong, there was no doubt who is the new-old Heavyweight king of boxing Europe.