“If I wanted this fight would not be completed. Chisora was twice in knockdown, but did not fall, and I did not take any risks. He is dangerous, I knew I had to be very careful”, said Kubrat Pulev after winning in Hamburg.

“Chisora suffered severe blows. My gloves are torn, my left hand is swollen and I can’t move it. This is how hard I hit him. There were moments during the fight, when I was seeing Chisora almost falling on the ground. Round after round, I was waiting my time to come and to get what I was looking for. I won because I was two, three classes better than Dereck. I was disciplined, tactically prepared. Chisora did not stop hitting me below the belt and into my neck, sometimes judges suspend these numbers, but I’m not one of those who complain. This is boxing”, added Bulgarian Cobra.

“You cannot buy people’s love with money, neither with glory, belts and titles. When I look at all these people at the stands, I feel blessed. Most of them leave work, come at my fights from thousand kilometers, from all over Europe. They are not millionaires, they give money for tickets, these money are for their bread. What can I say about millions of Bulgarians, who cross fingers and shout for me in front of TV screens? Priceless love, unconditional love”, Pulev said.