“If I wished, this game would not have ended. I saw Chisora how he could barely stand on his feet. Several times he was in a knockdown, but he did not fall, and I did not take any risks. It is not accidental, he is dangerous, he will not give up, no matter how hopeless he may look. I knew I had to be very careful, “said Kubrat Pulev after the victory in Hamburg.

“Chisora suffered very heavy blows. My gloves were broken by the blows, my left hand was swollen, and I could not feel it. After a series of left straight punches I almost saw him on the ground. Round after round, I was waiting for my time. I won because I was better. I was disciplined, tactically prepared. Chisora did not stop hitting me under the girdle and in the neck, sometimes the judges missed to see those punches, but I’m not one of those who complain. This is the box, what they saw is what they have judged, “Cobra added.

“Love of Bulgaria is not bought with money and is not measured with glory, belts and titles. Those people who were with me in the hall and traveled thousands of miles to be with me but also all the others who watched me on the TV and those who sent me wishes for victory and who congratulated me, I love them, I carry them in my heart. It’s something worth living, working and taking the difficulties in life, “said the new European champion.