– Kubrat, how are you? How is your preparation going?

– My preparation is coming to an end. It is now in the final phase and we conduct mainly sparring. I have three sparring partners, one of them is from Belarus. The guy is world champion of chess-boxing. For seven years now no one can still beat him. I can deal wot box with him, but I have no chance against him in chess (laughs)

– Do you plan to prepare outside of Berlin in your final days before the fight?

– I’ll stay in Berlin till the time comes to travel for Bulgaria.

– On what exactly you work most now, few days before the bout?

– We are working on the details. Mr Wegner definitely have a great eye and knowledge for boxing. Together we work hard to clean the small errors and develop.

– Do you believe Wegner is the right coach for you?

– Yes, of course! Of course, I believe! I think now we knoe each other better and we work easy together. For the future our partnership and professional relationship can and it will become only better. He has great experience. He has worked with many boxers who made world champions.

– Why you choose to make this bout exactly in Bulgaria?

– The purpose and the reason for the place of this gala for me is Bulgarian National. I am glad finally we can make it and my wish for years, to make my countrymen happy and proud, is close to come true in few days. I wanted to give a chance to all these Bulgarian people, who couldn’t afford to travel abroad so far for my previous bouts in Germany, to come and watch me live in Sofia, my hometown and the capital of my lovely country.

– What will make you happy most and will stay hidden from the audience?

– For me, the most important experience itself that will experience the people in the arena. My desire is to get a nice, healthy and spectacular battle and all remain happy to enjoy the show and leave with unforgettable memories of the hall.

– Can we expect to see you as a world title contender once again in 2017?

– Why not?

– What are your plans for EBU title?

– I want to defend the European title. Perhaps in February or March.

– What you want people to know about this boxing gala – your first as professional boxer in Bulgaria?

– I hope this boxing gala is just the first of many more in Bulgaria. Boxing is a beautiful sport, boxing is an art, which can and must educate and be an example. Our sport includes a lot of power and meanwhile is very, vry interesting, for me – a pure act of beauty. I hope this beauty to win the hearts of as many children as we can ispire to enroll to train, to work hard and sacriface to become next generation champions.

– Do you think Samuel Peter underestimates you?

– I don’t think he underestimates me. I think he overstates himself…

– Your wish for December, 3rd?

– Only one possible wish: a strong and spectacular victory for Bulgaria.