“Such a huge audience! I want to say THANK YOU for all the people for the love and the suppot. Thank you for coming and giving me so strong positive energy at the arena. Thank you for crossing your fingers in front og the TV during my bout. My opponent was dangerous! He is not at my level, but nevertheless, Sam is powerful and very dangerous puncher. But I can say I am hundred times better boxer than him and I deserve to win. The most important thing for me was the audience, because I wanted this match to happen in Bulgaria, because of the people”, said Kubrat Pulev after winning the Intercontinental title of WBA.


“It was more than expected! My audience, my people – these are Bulgarians. we do and we can do everything! This victory is for everyone of you! Bulgarians are a great nation with a great history and we have a great future! Bulgaria will become something unique. Just all of us must believe in our future and work hard for our future, we don’t have to wait”, added Pulev.


“Now I will analyze the fight. I want to develop. I am very critical and I know I could do it even better against Peter. For me it was important to stick to the tactical instructions of my coaching staff and not to let a single blow to the opponent in the first five rounds. The first thing I will do now is to sit and view a record of the bout and evaluate my actions”, said Kubrat.

“I trained hard and I was ready for 12 rounds if I have to. Peter knew he would be knocked out and decided to give up”, continued Pulev.