I will do my best to keep the title Bulgarian

Kubrat Pulev is in his last days preparing for the match against Kevin Johnson on 28 April in Sofia. A duel in which the Bulgarian will defend the Intercontinental title of the WBA. A day later, is the World title battle between Vladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua in London – a bout, which is not indifferent to Bulgarian Cobra.

– How does the preparation go, is the Cobra in shape and are you ready to win?
– I’m doing well. I’m in shape. For almost three months I’ve been training for this match and I think I’m ready for another win.

– How you plan to welcome your opponent? Traditionally in Bulgarian style – with bread and salt, or in Cobra style – with left and right hooks?
– I don’t hate my opponents. I never did and I will never feel this way. So, I’ll be hospitable to Johnson too. After all, it’s just a sport. I don’t get it too personally. For me it has always been very important to keep the sportsmanship. Now it will also be. Johnson is welcome, but things will be different at the ring. He will face very strong and heavy Bulgarian punches.

– What are your expectations of his shapen? Will Johnson be able to get the title from Bulgarian land, as he has been humbling?
– I will do my best to keep the title Bulgarian. I suppose he’s well prepared and it’s not going to be easy. I’ll make Johnson leave back for USA with empty hands. And I will not give him a Bulgarian woman for wife (Johnson tried to play hard and said in his first interview that he will leave Bulgaria not only with the title of Kubrat, but with a Bulgarian woman for his new wife). I will allow him to take for America only a good, Bulgarian yoghurt that he can taste it by himself and in the company of his relatives and friends.

– Everyone in Bulgaria hopes you can take a rematch with Klitschko. Will it be a revenge, or you have to go out against Joshua? Can you predict what will happen between these two in London?

– It will be great if I get a second chance against Klitschko. I have something undone. It’s hard to predict. Both are very good boxers, but both are not invincible, as we know. This is a clash of experience against youth and power. Still, I think Joshua will win.

– Are there comfortable rivals in boxing, or just desired opponents? Who is the next rival for you?
– They are both comfortable and desirable. For example, Kevin Johnson is a very inconvenient opponent. Hard and very hooky boxer. If I can wish a rival, I will definitely say – Klitschko. Against him I made mistakes that I do not intend to accept again. I want to show that I’m the better boxer.

– Where is the personal life of boxer Pulev, first or second after boxing?
– Personal life is very important, but boxing as a commitment is first. After all, boxing is the symbol and the scence of my entire career and all the work I have done over the years. When I prepare, personal life remains in the background. That is how it should be to achieve high goals. In the name of the victory.

– Tell us about your special rituals before the game?”
– Rituals, I do not have. Before the match I’m usually with the crew and my brother. We analyze the opponent. I prepare myself mentally and I warm up. Then I go out into the ring.

– If you imagine that you are a khan to the Bulgarians, what would your covenant be?
– Very nice question. I would instruct them to believe in themselves, to have self-confidence, and as Bulgarians to love Bulgaria and to look at Bulgaria not only as a place to live, but as their homeland, their land. Keep Bulgaria and fight for it!