The countdown is here and the battle is so close! The long-awaited Final Countdown boxing gala begins at 19:00 h on Friday at “Arena Armeec”. Today, the main reason this event to be organized again in his home city Sofia – Kubrat Pulev, held a press conference with Kevin Johnson – the man who will try to steal the Intercontinental WBA Belt straight from the hands of the Bulgarian Cobra.

“I will not talk much, I am well prepared, Kevin Johnson is good, but he will not succeed in Sofia, I will stop him in the ring and outside the ring as well,” Kubrat Pulev told the local media.

“No, he will not find a Bulgarian woman, he can only watch them and enjoy them because they are very beautiful, he will shoot with them, but nothing more.” These words belong again to Pulev, who told Johnson that he can forget that he could fins his new wife in Bulgaria.

Pulev – faithful to his notorious fairplay, added: “Johnson has a character of a champion,he had more bouts than me at the professional ring. It won’t be easy to break such an opponent, but on Friday I will show how I will do it.”

“Pulev wants to become a world champion and he will have this opportunity, perhaps even in his homeland, but before that he has to do that. His preparation for the bout with Johnson is the result of years of serious work. Kubrat is an intelligent boxer and for me to work with him together is a pure pleasure, we worked on some tactical problems and I hope we will see the result on Friday”, added Uli Wegner – the head coach of Kubrat Pulev