Kubrat Pulev has already his own 4-meter graphite, painted in his honor in home city Sofia. It is located on Simeonovsko shose Blvd and Ring Road and was opened today. Pulev’s “Company,” alongside his drawing, makes the fastest white woman in the world – the four-time European champion and four-time Olympics games participant Ivet Lalova. The sprinter’s graphite was officially opened today with the graphite of the WBA Intercontinental Champion. However, only Kubrat was able to attend at the ceremony.

The World Heavyweight contender has joined the company of some of the most prominent personalities in the history of Bulgarian sport, such as Stefka Kostadinova – Olympic Champion and World Record holder in High Jump, Valentin Yordanov – Olympic and 7-times World Free-style wrestling champion, Yordan Yovchev – four-time Olympic medalist, four-time world champion and European champion in artistic gymnastics and Evgenia Radanova – three-time Olympic medalist, double world champion and former world record holder, a 7-time European shorttrack champion.

“Thanks to the whole team, the artists, the organizers. I thank the Sofia Municipality for allowing them to make such good initiatives. Instead of leaving empty and ugly these places, it is much better to give people and Bulgarians the motivation to enjoy and to have more self-confidence, because it is needed”, said Bulgarian Heavyweight boxing pridev.

The series of graffiti of native athletes is inspired by the organization “Hungry for sport”, founded by Borislav Chakarov, who wants to motivate the young generation of Bulgaria to sport and give an example of strong characters and prominent winners of our time. The initiative is taking place with the assistance of Sofia Municipality and is part of the candidacy of Sofia for the European capital of sport in 2018.