Kubrat’s decision to cancel the fight for the world title in heavyweight category with Anthony Joshua in Cardiff on 28 October shocked the sport comunity and in just 24 hours after he shared about his injury he decided to make a statement to the media and his fans in his official facebook page.

“I am aware that the news about my injury and the fight cancellation for the world title with Anthony Joshua that followed shocked everyone. It wasn’t easy for me to make this decision. I know that given the chance probably everyone would chose to get in the ring in Cardiff and no matter what happens to get a few millions.” says Kubrat.

“Probably everyone but not me! In my life and my world not everything is about money. I learned that a man goes into battle to win. I figured out that no matter the circumstances in life people should not turn on his beliefs. Anthony Joshua should protect his world titles from healthy opponents and I am very happy that he now has one.” Kubrat adds.

“I am left with the same thirst for this fight and it is just a matter of time. Those kind of challenges make my heart beat strong and make me feel truly alive. In a week we tried everything to heal my injury but some things just don’t work out.” Kubrat says sharply. He will be healing for about a month according to his doctors in Germany.

“I take it as a sign of God. If that was His wish, then that was supposed to happen. I will continue being myself and not turn on my principles. A few million will not make me richer or happier. My wealth is the unconditional love that the Bulgarian people give me, they are my inspiration and meaning in everything I do. I am thankful for all the support and faith. That means a lot to me. Continuing forward.” finishes Kubrat.