“Over the last days I heard and read critique towards me, including from Anthony Joshua. More or less that my injury is just something minor and that cancelling the fight for the world title in Cardiff is just a whim. Each and every injury is different and cannot be compared with the injury of another. I was never a sissy. Just the opposite. I believe I tolerate pain and I am certain that I have fought with more injuries and health issues than Joshua has ever.” shares Kubrat.

He adds:
“When fighting Kevin Johnson I trained with a heal injury during the whole training which limited my mobility but I never said a word. When fighting Dereck Chisora I was experiencing high fever for 4 days leading up to the fight but I did not cancel it. My trainer asked me whether to cancel the match but I just answered that it would be an absurd and I will just have to deal with it.”

“The injury in the moment doesn’t let me prepare properly not to mention getting in the ring in that way. This is an injury that can lead to very serious complications. I understand that everyone want to have it easy but I will not let that happen. Just the opposite. I know that sooner or later our paths shall cross again and then I will be healthy and prepared and I will get in the ring to win.” says The Cobra.