“If I wanted the money I could have faced three guys like Anthony Joshua with my injury. This is just against what I believe in. I would not have let myself to fight in an olympic style for the world title. My ambition is to win the world title.” shares Kubrat Pulev at his first meeting with representatives of Bulgarian media after returning in his home country.

Partially torn pectoral muscle to his right armpit forced the national pride in heavyweight category to cancel his participation at the long awaited fight for the world title against Anthony Joshua on 28 October in Cardiff.

His decision provoked undesired critique which Pulev faced calmly with a smile:

“There was no way for me to be afraid of the fight. I wanted it. If I was afraid of it I would have tried to avoid it. Accusations like that don’t bother me at all. I haven’t even dreamt of money like that. Some people can’t earn that kind of money in a lifetime. My philosophy is different and the only thing that I am interested in is to recover in the right way, to heal completely and when I resume my training I would never have to feel that kind of pain again.”

Bulgaria’s best boxer cleared up over the specifics of his injury:

“I had to take a lot of medicine and my training time was spent like on a vacation. I stopped sparing, I tried only with my left hand but it didn’t work. My injury is quite specific and I have never experienced anything like it. I am feeling pain only in some punches and not all the time – when I do a right hand punch and uppercut. Since then I haven’t left the gym, to do a main physical preparation that doesn’t include my arm. This type of injury takes time, not surgery. According to doctors it needs 4 weeks.”

Kubrat Pulev is a intercontinental champion of the World Boxing Association and despite his injury is still the official contender of the world title. At his press conference he implied that his next fight is not impossible to be on American soil in Chicago in the beginning of 2018.

According to Pulev the fight between him and Anthony Joshua is just a matter of time:
“I am sure that I will win. I know what I can do, I am aware of my own strengths. Joshua is nothing more than me, even though he looks stronger and mightier. I have lots of qualities that I can beat him. It is important to prepare myself and to be confident in myself.”

On Friday in Chicago Kubrat will be right next to his brother Tervel who will be experiencing his first professional fight outside Europe.