I was expecting from Dillian Whyte and his team to run away from the fight, but I didn’t expect from them to be such bullshit artists. They are extreme manipulators and plain schizophrenics. I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT I’M HEARING AND WHAT A TRICKY WAY THEY CHOSE TO RUN AWAY FROM THE FIGHT IN BULGARIA. The whole time Hearn kept talking in circles about negotiations and how they are still trying to bring me to UK. All this while a date and a place was already announced by the winner of the bid- us. We delivered a formal IBF contract that they didn’t sign. WHAT NEGOTIATIONS ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE?! THIS IS NOT THE FARM MARKET. THERE ARE RULES! YOU LOST THE BID. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT AT ALL?!? What a completely unlogical statement about us not having money. HA-HA. We won the IBF purse bid rights with almost double the money they offered. Nobody wants to fight Dilian?!??!?!? YOU ARE DELUSIONAL MAN! First of all I never refused and I still want to fight with you!  DILLIAN , if Hearn is misleading you somehow, let me tell you personally- I am still waiting for you in Bulgaria to help you get out of the delusion and bring you back to earth!