I want to thank all the people who supported me and my brother today. To those who were with us in the hall – you are awesome!
To those who stayed all night and sent positive energy thousands of kilometres away, holding tight in front of the TV. You are my treasure!
To all of you, my close ones, friends, acquaintances and strangers – a huge THANK YOU!
A lot of you I haven’t met in person, but I bow to you with the faith you send, to me and Tervel! People, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
This is boxing. Things like this happen. An arcade like this I have not received before in my whole life, but I was perfectly prepared and the arcade on its own was not a big problem for me because I knew what I was capable of. I just had to be tough. Luckily the cut-man in my corner did an amazing job.
All that tries to put us down makes us stronger. It is a challenge to our will. It makes us tougher and stronger.
I want to thank those who were with me in this. I want to thank those who didn’t want me to win. They help me by only making me stronger.