The appraisal is made by the legendary cut-man Rudi Hernandez who helped Cobra to continue the match with Dinu.

The terrible arcade that split the face over Kubrat Pulev’s left eyebrow horizontally and vertically in the match against Bogdan Dinu is the subject of heated comments from media and professionals in the world of boxing. The Cobra won the most dramatic victory in his career after 4 rounds of spitting blood, but overcame the Romanian knockout after a fierce three consecutive knockdowns that caused his rival to 2:40 minutes before the end of the seventh part of the match in Costa Mesa, California. “This is one of the most horrible arcades I’ve ever seen with my eyes and certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

The admission is to the legendary cut-man (in the martial sports this is the man who treats all open wounds on the face of the fighters – a very difficult and well-payed occupation) at Pulev’s headquarters – Rudy Hernandez who, according to all, have witnessed the events in the bloody duel in ” Hangar, “has literally done a miracle to leave Kubrat not just in the match, but to keep him working to finish it in such a categorical way. In the boxing world and in general, in the world of mixed martial arts, Hernandez is considered as a master in the craft. Behind him is nearly 30 years of work experience and the masters who are able to squeeze the arcades of his caliber, are not that many. The American acknowledges the extremely heavy moments he is experiencing, treating the Cobra in the “red corner” in the fight against Dinu, infront ESPN commentator, who was directing the boxing gala. After Pulev’s meeting and victory, Hernandez was overwhelmed with friends and friends journalists. His phone warms up to red with calls and congratulations, his social networking profiles are overflowing with glories and congratulations.

And here is the motto that cold-blooded Rudy shares in his Twitter account: “Live so that every day makes sense. Live so as to be, to give the difference in someone else’s life. Be the best version of yourself and always aim for the stars. Share your knowledge and skills from the heart. Keeping it for yourself, it won’t help anyone. “Last night, this man was the difference in the life of Kubrat Pulev. And he gave the difference because he shared from the heart what he best knows. Stop the fountain of blood that was about to turn the ring into the Hangar in a carnage.