“I have one goal and it is to become a world champion,” Kubrat Pulev said after the California Sports Commission’s decision to leave his state’s fighting rights frozen for 4 months.

The reason is the kiss at the  end of his interview with the freelancer as a reporter at the Vegas Sports Daly Regional site, Jennifer Rawalo, on March 23, just after the dramatic seven-round knockout victory over Bogdan Dinu.

The license of the Bulgarian boxer is likely to be restored as early as 22 July, when the committee calls him for a second hearing. This means that the punishment currently running from the date of the match with Dinu – March 23 – until September 23 may be considered temporary and there is a real possibility of being significantly reduced.

Rawalo, better known beyond the ocean as the “Queen of the Nude sushi”, because of her business by decorating naked female bodies with traditional Japanese food at public events, accepted the kiss with enthusiasm in front of the camera, then uploaded the video to youtube.com and even celebrated the triumph over the Romanian in the company of friends of the Pulev brothers in Las Vegas. A day later the lady accused Kubrat Pulev of sexual harassment.

Pulev was heard by the Sports Commission of the State of California, where under the oath, he shared  Mrs. Ravallo’s interest in his afterparties, the day before the game. Something more. He announced that the night after the match, during the celebration, the journalist had several times sought to be close to him, even kissing him and making him feel uncomfortable. A fact for which the Bulgarian’s defense has video evidence provided by the cameras in the hotel lobby. Kubrat, however, apologised to Jennifer and told the jury that he had mistaken his deed. In contrast, Jenny Sushi chose to keep quiet and not answer more than half of her questions. She also said she did not remember  kissing Kubrat the night after the match. “

“Miss Rawalo said things that do not fit the truth. Her words repeatedly caused a laugh in the audience people who witnessed her behaviour and what happened in the hours after the game. However, I accept the committee’s decision. I respect the jury. What I’m going through right now is part of the way I have to go, “Pulev said, staying on American soil to prepare for his next match, expected to be in early autumn. The Commission has compelled him to pass a course against sexual harassment. He also imposed a fine of $ 2,500.

“I have no idea what this course is. I know it takes the form of tests within 45 days. For me, I have no problem doing it ” Pulev said,  who is the official contender for the world heavyweight title.

Under the laws of the state of California, the kiss itself is not an act of sexual harassment. Besides, if it is apparently unwanted by the recipient, or if it is not suppressed by follow-up actions such as touching intimate parts. For this reason Jennifer Rawalo adds to her accusations against Kubrat and the claim that he has caught her for the backs. Pulev flatly denied.

“I have not caught Miss Ravallo for her butt. She approached aggressively in the minutes before the interview, and insisted on talking. I went into the tent, there was my dressing room. She followed me. I just asked her to for few questions. My English is very bad and I barely understood her. I kissed her in a burst of euphoria, I was in a very lofty mood after that game I almost lost. I felt like someone who took drugs. I do not know how to explain it. And what happened after the kiss was that we hugged totally friendly. And so, she was extremely happy and asked again for the party. I asked her to leave the locker room now because I wanted to get ready, I had to decide whether to sew my arcade because my skull was visible. “

“For me, the most important thing is to be able to train and prepare for everything that is coming to me in the ring. I know it will not be easy and it’s never been easy, but such things happen in the career of every athlete. In this case, its my fault and accept all the criticisms. I have always been critical to myself. And now I’m also critical of myself, but overcoming such difficulties makes me stronger. I thank all the people who supported me all the time. Their support is very important to me, “Kubrat said after the hearing.