Kubrat Pulev retains WBA Intercontinental belt

Kubrat Pulev (25-1- 13 KOs) had outclassed Kevin Kingpin Johnson (30-8- 1, 14KOs) to retain the WBA Intercontinental heavyweight title. In front of the emotional Bulgarian crowd in Armeec arena in his home city Sofia, one of the all time Bulgarian sports heroes won the battle against the American veteran by way of 12 round unanimous decision and for the second time in his career became an official World title contender in the Heavyweight Division. Pulev was in action last December, when he easily wiped out faded former world championSamuel Peter in a stay busy fight. Prior to that, he captured the EBU title with a twelve round decision over Dereck Chisora last May


Kubrat Pulev is the new Inter-continental WBA champion

Top rated heavyweight contender Kubrat Pulev (24-1, 13 KOs) had an easy night’s work in stopping former WBC heavyweight world champion Samuel Peter (36-5, 29 KOs) in four rounds in front of 16 thousand emotional Bulgarian fans in the stands of “Arena Armeec” in Sofia. The fight was for the WBA International Heavyweight title.

Peter, who weighed in at 271-pounds, was not in the best of shape for the contest. He weighed 10 pounds less for a comeback fight which took plae less than two months ago. Pulev was sharper, stronger and too much for the Peter – and found it easy to land accurate hard punches when he let his hands go.

Pulev is ranked at number 2 under the IBF and stands in position for a mandatory shot at the sanctioning body’s heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (17-0, 17 KOs), who returns on December 10th in the Manchester Arena against Eric Molina.

Kubrat Pulev wins back European Heavyweight Title

Kubrat Pulev moved a step closer to an IBF world heavyweight title shot against Anthony Joshua after he defeated Dereck Chisora via a split points decision for the European heavyweight title on Saturday.

Kubrat Pulev is now one win away from securing a shot at the IBF crown after a tidy and efficient boxing display that should have earned him a unanimous victory.

In front of more than 5000 Bulgarian fans in Barkclaycard Arena in Hamburg on May 7th night, 35-year old Bulgarian boxer defeated Joshua’s fellow – Briton Chisora by scores of 116-112 and 118-110 to 115-113 in a clash between two former world title challengers at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany.


Kubrat Pulev defeated American Maurice Harris

On December 5th 2015, Kubrat Pulev defeated American Maurice Harris in Round 1 in Hamburg – with a thunderous knockout after just 108 seconds of play. This way Bulgarian fighter continues his way back to the top of the world boxing standings. For the first time since they started working together at the corner of Pulev during the bout was German legendary trainer Ulli Wegner.

Kubrat Pulev made his comeback

On October 17th in Berlin Kubrat Pulev made his comeback to the big scene after almost an year of absense. He fought Brazilian George Arias and won by unanimous decision.


20-0 for Pulev with professionals


Kubrat Pulev earned his 20th victory in the professional ring after defeating Ivica Perkovic (Croatia) in three rounds out of 8 round fight at the international gala in Rostock Perkovic gave up entering in the 4th round. Pulev is left undefeated in professional ring and stays one of the main contenders for the fight with Wladimir Klitscko. The fight with the 39-year-old Perkovic was arranged after the failed match with Danny Hughes. Before that two Americans turned down the invitation. First was Elijah McCall and after that was Joey Dawejko.

Kubrat Pulev vs Wladimir Klitschko

On November 15th, in front of 16 thousand people in “O2 Arena” in Hamburg, more than half of them Bulgarians, after 3 months delay of the first official date of the battle, and after a dozen cheap, unfair tricks made by his opponent, Kubrat Pulev stepped on the ring and fought noble and with dignity for the world title against Wladimir Klitschko. The bout finished with his fist loss after 20 consecutive victories as a professional.


19-0 The Cobra crashed the American Joey Abell

Kubrat Pulev justified the expectations and got his 19th victory as a professional, registering his 10th knockout. The Cobra succeeded over the American Joey Abell with a technical knockout in the 4th round at the international gala in Neubrandenburg, Germany. The Bulgarian defended his intercontinental title from IBF as well as his number 1 contender for Wladimir Klitschko’s title. Kubrat crushed the Minnesota ice with destructive punches in the body which sent the 32-year-old American four times in a knockdown during the fourth round. After that the referees decided that Abell cannot continue the match. Abell was rushed to face The Cobra after Sherman Williams from the Bahamas who was supposed to fight Pulev, got injured so Sauerland invited the American. During the first round Pulev punched straight with his left arm which left a noticeable mark under his opponent’s right eye. The Bulgarian stuck to his same tactic in the second round when in the end of it he gave mean punches right before the gong. Gradually Kubrat started cornering his opponent showing him that he will not let any surprised. In the thrid round Abell was sent for the first time in a knockdown after receiving a strong punch in the body. Only the gong saved the American, not letting The Cobra destroy his opponent. The 4th round started intriguing when Kubrat got his first knockdown in his career. The Bulgarian clearly showed the referee that his was simply stumbling but that did not change his decision. That made him mad so until the end of the round he knocked down Joey Abell four times by punching him in the body. At the end of the round the judges decided that Abell cannot continue the fight.

18-0 Pulev knocks out Thompson and now expects Klitschko


Kubrat Pulev registered his biggest success in his career after defeating the two-time contender for the world title in heavyweight category – Tony Thompson. That way the Bulgarian earned his right to fight the reigning champion in heavyweight category of IBF – Wladimir Klitschko. 41-year-old veteran Thompson who has two lost fights against Klitschko entered the fight with 38 victories (26 with a knockout) and 3 losses. The American knocked out two times during the year the young star of British Box – David Price and planned to do the same with Pulev in the ring in Schwerin, but turns out that The Cobra left him laying on the floor and earned his 18th victory in professional ring. Just as usual the Bulgarian entered the stage with the sound of AC/DC and during the whole fight got his praise from the tribunes, not only from the Bulgarian crowds but from the Germans as well. Our boxer started his fight strong and dominated in the first round while the second round they evened it out. The American got much more aggressive in the third part but Pulev had a strong 4th round when The Tiger got nervous and started using forbidden punches at the back of his opponent’s head. Thompson totally brought his guard down in the 5th round which wasn’t a good move so The Cobra gave his strong punches right in the target. The American started giving up in the 6th round and in 7th and 8th round hugged our boxer more than boxing him. Kubrat Pulev got his opponent laying on the ground in the 9th round and the judge didn’t rule a knockdown but that was only the beginning of the end for The Tiger. In the next three rounds the Bulgarian fought mindfully without risking his points to win over Tony Thompson. Pulev, who will fight for the first time for the world title, will soon know who will be his opponent on Oct 5th when in Moscow Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin will fight. The fight for four of the most prestigious world titles will take place in the Olympic stadium in Moscow.


17-0 Pulev knocked out Ustinov and rests on the European peak


Kubrat Pulev registered another fabulous success in the professional boxing ring. The Bulgarian is dedicated to the top in heavyweight category. He was merciless to his opponent – the Russian Alexander Ustinov, after knocking him out in the 11th round, Kubrat without any doubt defended the European title and his belt of the International Boxing Federation. That way Pulev, who is expecting that for a while, won his way to compete for the World Title with the undefeated for the last decade – Vladimir Klitschko. The fight between them is supposed to take place in 2013. The Bulgarian pride in heavyweight category started beautifully his fight with the 2-meter Ustinov and in the first two rounds he demonstrated his obvious superiority. In a series of destructive punches Pulev drew blood on his opponent’s face and eventually got to his hard-earned success with a knockout. After his 17th victory in a row in the professional ring, Kubrat Pulev continues while Ustinov has his first loss after his 27 winning streak.

15-0 Kubrat Pulev defended with a knockout the IBF belt from Michael Sprott


The fantastic Kubrat Pulev! The national pride in heavyweight category defended in the best way the intercontinental title of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) after defeating the British boxer Michael Sprott with a technical knockout in the 10th round. The match was part of an international boxing gala in the German city of Offenburg. The Bulgarian was supposed to fight the American Maurice Harris and after that with the Ukrainian Taras Bidenko. Both of them dropped out because of injuries. That way the veteran Michael Sprott became Kubrat’s opponent. The match started rough for the Bulgarian who received an arcade in the first round after a forbidden hit from the 36-year-old Brit who punched Pulev with his head. Gradually The Cobra took initiative. After the gong at the end of 9th round all was pointing toward Kubrat’s benefit. Turns out there was no round 10 after Sprott refused to get back in the ring. That way The Cobra won with a technical knockout to defend his title which he won in October the previous year after defeating Travis Walker. Kubrat is undefeated in the professional ring with his 15 victories, 7 of which with a knockout. Michael Sprott has 54 matches under his belt with 36 victories.

European Professional Champion

European heavyweight girdle and the Bulgarian flag are in the hands of Kubrat Pulev on 5th of May 2012. Just a day after the 31st birthday of the Cobra he knocked out in the 11th round the Ukrainian with German passport Alexander Dimitrenko.


13-0 The Cobra won over the Ukrainian Maksym Pedyura in Berlin


Kubrat Pulev’s winning streak looks like it is just beginning. Specialists in heavyweight category in professional box are impressed: 13 matches for the Bulgarian from September 2009 till now, 13 victories and the best is only yet to come – say the specialists. Encouraged by a big Bulgarian audience in Berlin, Kubrat Pulev pulled through the fight over his opponent – the Ukrainian Maksym Pedyura after the judges ruled after 8 rounds. This was his third fight since the beginning of 2011 and it is planned that he fights in at least two more matches.

12-0 Super match with a super knockout for Pulev in Denmark against Derric Rossy 7.05.2011

Denmark is definitely Kubrat Pulev’s lucky streak. Three months after his first professional win outside Germany the Bulgarian had his comeback to Denmark only to prove the impression that he is striving to the highs of the heavyweight category. This time The Cobra brought an extraordinary joy to the audience in Copenhagen after he knocked the American Derric Rossy in the fifth round. The national treasure barely waited for the gong of the fifth round before he completely disarmed his opponent. He now carries 12 victories in a row.

11-0 Pulev pulled through against the Ukranian – Yaroslav Zavorotnyi


11 is probably Kubrat Pulev’s lucky number. Bulgaria’s big hope in boxing in heavyweight category claims his 11th victory out of 11 matches after going professional. The Cobra who started a new stage of his career in the fall of 2009 made another step up by moving out of the way his opponent the Ukranian Yaroslav Zavorotnyi. The fight between Pulev and Zavorotnyi was in the Herning, Denmark and ended after 8 rounds with a unanimous vote of the judges in favor of the amateur European champion of 2009 in Liverpool.

First pro title – IBF international

On 22 October 2011 the Cobra wins the first trophy in pros. He wins convincingly by judicial decision Travis Walker in a 12 round bloody match. The award is the international girdle of the international boxing federation (IBF)in heavyweight.


10 out of 10 for Kubrat Pulev

18 Dec 2010
Kubrat now has double digit victories. They just got 10 out of 10. Kubrat’s last conquest was an Italian. He defeated the 40-year-old veteran Paolo Vidoz with the judges rule in a 8 round fight in Berlin.

The Cobra with another victory over an American

30 Oct 2010

Kubrat Pulev for the 9th time got into a professional ring and left a winner. At a gala evening in Rostock, Germany, Bulgaria’s best boxer won by points against Dominic Guinn. The fight went by The Cobra’s rule with 80:72, 80:72, 79:73.

Kubrat crushed a Russian

1 May 2010
Kubrat registered his 8th victory in a row in the professional boxing when he didn’t flinch to get in the ring against the 206cm tall and 143kg Evgeny Orlov. The fight was held in Oldenburg, Germany and ended in the 7th round after the disqualification of the Russian by the judges.

Knockout for the American by The Cobra

13 Mar 2010
Kubrat Pulev’s 7th professional victory in a row just became a fact. It came to be in Berlin where the Bulgarian overpowered the tough American – Danny Batchelder who faced Pulev with his impressive 25 victories, 12 of those with a knockout. The fight also ended with a knockout but this time it was Batchelder.

Kubrat Pulev dominates in Belgium

20 Jan 2010
After five victories in the professional ring in Germany where he resides and trains in the Sauerland camp in Berlin, Kubrat Pulev proved his strength on Belgium turf. The big heavyweight champion of Bulgaria knocked out the Congolese Isosa Mondo in Liege. Pulev dominated in the fight and didn’t feel troubled for a second by his opponent from Africa.

Pulev knocked out the Brit

30 Jan 2010
This is Pulev’s 5th victory in a row! He effortlessly defeat the British competitor – Matt Skelton so he proved his domination since his debut in September from last year. The fight ended in the 4th round when the Bulgarian knocked out furiously the British boxer, sent him to the floor without strength to get back up.


4-0 The American – Zach Page admits Kubrat Pulev’s class


Four matches, four wins. Kubrat Pulev claims a spot at the professionals with each visit in the ring in the heavyweight category. His fourth triumph was over the American – Zach Page. The match was held by tradition in Germany but this time it was an international gala in Ludwigsburg. Pulev and Page entertained the audience with an attractive game while being the more dominant with better technique was The Cobra. The match had 6 rounds but yet again the judges were certain that Pulev is the winner.

3-0 Kubrat Pulev let down the Nigerian Gbenga Oloukun


Another triumph for the Bulgarian pride in heavyweight category – Kubrat Pulev in the professional ring. The Bulgarian boxer won his third in a row match in the last two months and a half after starting his professional career. Pulev faced the Nigerian – Gbenga Oloukun in a fight at an international gala in Nurnberg, Germany. After his first two victories with a knockout this time Pulev and Oloukun played a tough one in 6 rounds so the judges were certain that the better one was without a doubt Kubrat Pulev who continues forward.

2-0 for Kubrat Pulev at the professional ring against Serdar Uysal


Less than a month after he started his winning spree in his professional career in heavyweight category, Kubrat Pulev stepped in the ring again in Germany and was victorious again. This time the Bulgarian didn’t give his Turkish opponent a chance – Serdar Uysal. Pulev faced Uysal at a gala evening in the O2 Arena in Berlin where the fight was expected to be of 4 rounds but instead it ended rapidly in the 56th second after the first gong. Kubrat celebrated with a fierce knockout and is looking forward to his next professional match.

Professional debut

In mid – 2009 Kubrat Pulev signs his professional contract with the German Company “Sauerland Events”. Several years earlier he was spotted for the first time from the organization. The manager Hagen Doehring invites the Cobra at sparring and was impressed by his qualities. Kubrat makes his professional debut on 19 September 2009. Then he knocks out the Rumanian in the second round FLORIAN BENKE


European champion in Liverpool

Several months after the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 Kubrat registers the greatest achievement in his career at the amateurs. He wins the Championship title in Liverpool in +91kg category. At the final he convincingly defeats the Russian Denis Sergeev. Among the other big names, who have bowed their heads in front of the Bulgarian, are Alexander Alekseev (RUS), Islam Timurziev (RUS), Vyacheslav Glazkov (UKR), and Odlanier Solis (Cube).


Bronze medal at European championships in Sofia

In 2006 he won a bronze medal at the European Championship. The success is even more valuable because it is captured in front of the Bulgarian audience at the Championship in Plovdiv.


First big medal – bronze at World championships in Mianyang

The first medal from a major international competition is from the World Cup in China in 2005. At this time Kubrat is already fighting in super heavyweight + 91 kg.


First call at the national team

At the age of 17 Kubrat Pulev is drafted in the National team of Bulgaria. He has already established himself as an excellent racer with dozens of trophies in children and adolescents. He passes gradually through categories up to 81, up to 91, and + 91 kg amateurs. He recorded over 300 matches. His first big success is in 2002, when he wins the oldest boxing tournament in Europe and is announced as a winner of the cup “Strandzha” in Plovdiv.


First training

Kubrat Pulev is actively engaged in boxing at the age of 13. They both with his brother Tervel have been tempered before that by their father in basement of the block of flats thay’ve lived in. the stringent Venko shows how the techniques are performed to his sons. He destines the path of his children after taking them to the hall the boxing club of CSKA Sofia in 1994. Kubrat passes through very good specialist who take care for his sports development. Borislav Boyadziev, Konstantin Petkov – the Iron, Peter Lesov and Krassimir Cholakov have a huge contribution for Pulev’s development. Today alongside him is his personal trainer Michael Takov


The birth

Kubrat Pulev was born on 4 May 1981 in Sofia. His father Venko Pulev is former champion of Bulgaria in boxing Super heavyweight. He grows up in the comfort of a large and close-knit family. He has three older sisters Annie, Boryana and Victoria. The youngest member of the family Pulevi – Tervel is a boxer as well. At the last Olympics in London, he achieves the greatest success in his career, having won a bronze medal in the category up to 91 kg. Venko Pulev educates his children in the most precious human values – discipline, humility, responsibility to studying and sports as well as respect to the others. Patriotism is one of the most esteem features of kubrat. As a result from his successes, he was offered German citizenship. His answer is instantaneous: “I am Bulgarian in my soul – shared Pulev. – Not only in blood. That is impossible to be changed. I am happy for the people that support me. I am happy that I am happy that I inspire them with courage, confidence, and strength. Our nation is a little bit depressed. We don’t have confidence. These victories of mine give wings to the people. If I become a German, I will have financial benefit. But will not make me happier. Sporting spirit and perseverance are part of the prerequisites for success in the amateurs and professionals.” Kubrat gets his nickname the Cobra in childhood.